Monday, November 10, 2014

Selling Tips

Selling with Vidopop is fun and easy. Here are some advertising tips to take your mobile video messaging business to the top!

1. Share your video post often
If you're a frequent tweeter your Vidopop Tweet can get buried under retweets, status updates and other daily posts. Make sure to share your video link many times so it gets enough exposure to your fan base.

2. Send out a sample video
Sometimes your fans aren't quite sure what to expect from your video packages. Send out a sample video to give them a glimpse into why they should purchase your enthralling work of art.

3. Offer customized videos
Buyers appreciate customization. Offering your fan base the option of custom video performances, lessons or packages is an great way to get them to purchase from you instead of a competitor.

4. Add a picture
Nothing grabs more attention than a visually striking picture. Add a picture to your Vidopop post on twitter to entice buyers & draw their eyes to your link.

5. Learn all the different ways you can share
We make it easy to share posts across all your social media platforms.
  • Connect your Twitter, Facebook & Whatsapp to Vidopop and share your links. 
  • Email your links to contacts (to learn how click here). 
  • Text a link to a friend
  • Connect on the Vidopop app and send contacts video messages
  • Embed videos into your website
  • Copy & paste the link of your video and post it wherever your heart desires.

6. Sell live videos
Viewers love live content! They can even interact with you by messaging you while you're streaming. Offering a live stream instead of a recorded video can be even more enticing to buyers who want to view fresh content.

7. Engage your fans through free live video talk sessions
You can use our live video to hold free video question & answer sessions on your social media sites. Engaging with your fans and creating relationships with them makes them even more likely to want to buy your content.

8. Create video packages
Got a ton of content or a series of videos you'd like to share? You can create multiple videos and sell them in a single package. This is great if you have videos that build upon one another.

We already know you're a rock star, let's give the world a chance to learn that too.

Got questions or suggestions? Feel free to email us at

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to send out a video via email

Step 1 - Hit the record button

Step 2 -  Record your video. (Video isn't recording until the little cloud button shows on the top right). TO STOP RECORDING HIT THE RED BUTTON AGAIN.

Step 3 - To sent out via email, select the OTHER APPS button.
Step 4  - Select mail
Step 5 - Type in the address and hit send

Step 6 - Hit the back button. Your selected contact will appear at the top.
Step 7 - Hit Next

Step 8 - Set up payment!

Step 9 - Choose whether to create a new package or add to an existing package

Step 10 - Choose your price and hit save.

Step 11 - Now hit Send!

And its off to your viewers!

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