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Pay to View - Frequently Asked Questions

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What does “Require viewers to pay” mean?
Vidopop is free to use. But optionally, you can require viewers of your video to pay before they can watch your video. Viewers who do not pay cannot see those videos. We process the payment then share the revenue with you.

For owner of videos

How is the revenue shared between Vidopop and me?
You receive 65% of the revenue. We keep 35%.

Why is the revenue split this way?
You create the video and send it to viewers. We handle the tech, video hosting, storage & secure payment process.

How do I receive my share of revenue?
After your viewers pay, we will deposit your revenue to your account within 7 days.

How fast can I receive payment to my account?
Within a week.

How can I set up my account to receive my revenue?
Set up your account by going into your profile on the app. Select payment settings and add your account information.

What type of bank account or online payment account do you support to receive payment?
Our payment system works through Stripe; however, you sign up your payment account through our app. You will need a bank account with a routing number to receive payment.

Help! I live outside the US and can't set up my bank account.
Don't worry! We are about to support international bank accounts very soon. In the meantime we can process your payment via paypal. This means you would send out videos to viewers for payment as usual. But when they pay we manually pay your paypal account. All you have to do is email us at to let us know you want to set this up and provide us with your paypal email.

How can I set a price for my videos?
You set the price when you send a video to a buyer. Simply click the require viewers to pay button and set a price. You will be prompted to create a new packaged video or add it to an existing one. Select your desired option then hit send.

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What is a paid package?
A paid package is when you sell a multiple videos (video series) for one price.

How can I add a video to a package?
When sending a paid video select the recipient of the video, click the require viewers to pay button and select set a price. You will be prompted to choose between creating a new package or adding it to an existing package. You can select the correct package, click ok and send.

Can I add a video to multiple paid packages?
Not at this time. You can add a video to only one paid package. You can however send out that specific paid package to as many buyers as you want.

Can I sell the same video/video package to multiple people?
Yes. You can sell the same video or video package to as many people as you want.

Can I use my PayPal account to receive payment?
Yes. However, right now you can only set up a bank account within the app. To set up a paypal account we can do it manually for you. To set up a paypal account please email us at We will be adding paypal setup within the app very soon. 

How secure is my banking info?
All of our payment is processed through Stripe, which is a secure payment processor.

Are my videos private?
The videos you create are saved to your private cloud account. Recipients can’t share videos you’ve sent them. You retain control of the videos you create.

Do recipients need the Vidopop app to watch paid videos?
Yes, recipients need the Vidopop all to watch paid videos. Recipients can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

What is limited time viewing?
This is a feature that allows you to set a limited amount of time for viewers to watch your video.

When does the clock start in a limited time view video?
The clock begins when the viewer presses play.

Can I make a video that requires payment and is available to watch for a limited time?
Yes, absolutely. Simply set both settings when you send out your video.

How do I make a video available for a limited amount of time?
Select the recipient of the video.  Click on the disappear button and set the amount of time a recipient has to watch the video.

For viewers who pay to see videos

How can I pay for a video to see it?
When someone sends you a paid video and you click on the video you will be prompted to provide payment.

How do I set up a payment account to pay for a video?
You will be prompted to provide payment when you click on a paid video. At the moment, you can only provide payment through signing into your Vidopop Account on a web browser. Stay tuned for in app purchase & viewing.

Where can I play the videos that I have paid for?
You can play videos by logging onto your Vidopop Account on a web browser on either your desktop or mobile phone. At the moment, we only support payment & viewing of paid videos this way. Stay tuned for in app purchase & viewing.

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