Thursday, September 11, 2014

Using Video Messaging in Classrooms Improves Student Engagement - A Case Study in Dallas

A Case Study

Teachers have long sought the golden secret to keeping students engaged in their lessons.  So, in 2013, teachers from the Dallas Independent School District decided to see if creating a more interactive learning environment with education technology would improve student engagement and performance.

The Dallas Independent School District created a study that tested a ‘hybrid’ Algebra 2 classroom against a traditional Algebra 2 classroom. All students were required to attend school daily and received the same content and class instruction as their peers; however, in the Hybrid classroom students received 80% of their instruction using education technology and web tools.

A class lecture on your mobile device
Creating a hybrid classroom with video messaging

The hybrid Algebra 2 classroom utilized Vidopop’s video messaging and note system to create demonstrations and how to lessons. The interactive tools and mobile lectures allowed students to learn at their own pace and actively engage with their teacher and lessons. Their teachers found that when there was only one traditional lecture students often missed key concepts and strategies.

But thanks to Vidopop’s recorded lectures, students could easily review these lessons through their mobile phone and online as many times as they needed to gain mastery of the concept. Students could then send messages back to their teacher making it easier to go over key concepts and tailor learning pace to their individual needs.

Having recorded lessons also allowed students to make up missed assignments and missed lectures. Students had access to lessons wherever they could find an internet connection.
Learn at your own pace. Watch lectures as many times as you need to gain mastery.
While the Hybrid classroom started off at a disadvantage trailing the traditional classroom in performance by 1 percent, by the end of the semester, the Hybrid classroom had outperformed the traditional classroom by 19 percent.

Implementing Vidopop’s video text messaging as an interactive learning tool allowed the Texas Classroom to improve their test scores by a whole 20 percent.

Could we have found the golden secret to creating a more interactive classroom? We think that we have. Help us improve the way we communicate ideas with one another by using Vidopop, the quickest new video messaging technology.


  1. While I would avoid to utilize any single teaching strategy 80% of the time, video messaging can be very engaging. In the past, my students have recorded reflection videos in addition to written reflections. The videos have been consistently more natural and engaging than the written versions, and the two compliment each other very effectively.

    1. So you used the app to have your students actually record videos as their reflections? Because that is a great idea, it can help students with special needs, as well as setting sort of a foundation for public speaking skills. I love it !


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