Thursday, September 11, 2014

Using Video Messaging in Classrooms Improves Student Engagement - A Case Study in Dallas

A Case Study

Teachers have long sought the golden secret to keeping students engaged in their lessons.  So, in 2013, teachers from the Dallas Independent School District decided to see if creating a more interactive learning environment with education technology would improve student engagement and performance.

The Dallas Independent School District created a study that tested a ‘hybrid’ Algebra 2 classroom against a traditional Algebra 2 classroom. All students were required to attend school daily and received the same content and class instruction as their peers; however, in the Hybrid classroom students received 80% of their instruction using education technology and web tools.

A class lecture on your mobile device
Creating a hybrid classroom with video messaging

The hybrid Algebra 2 classroom utilized Vidopop’s video messaging and note system to create demonstrations and how to lessons. The interactive tools and mobile lectures allowed students to learn at their own pace and actively engage with their teacher and lessons. Their teachers found that when there was only one traditional lecture students often missed key concepts and strategies.

But thanks to Vidopop’s recorded lectures, students could easily review these lessons through their mobile phone and online as many times as they needed to gain mastery of the concept. Students could then send messages back to their teacher making it easier to go over key concepts and tailor learning pace to their individual needs.

Having recorded lessons also allowed students to make up missed assignments and missed lectures. Students had access to lessons wherever they could find an internet connection.
Learn at your own pace. Watch lectures as many times as you need to gain mastery.
While the Hybrid classroom started off at a disadvantage trailing the traditional classroom in performance by 1 percent, by the end of the semester, the Hybrid classroom had outperformed the traditional classroom by 19 percent.

Implementing Vidopop’s video text messaging as an interactive learning tool allowed the Texas Classroom to improve their test scores by a whole 20 percent.

Could we have found the golden secret to creating a more interactive classroom? We think that we have. Help us improve the way we communicate ideas with one another by using Vidopop, the quickest new video messaging technology.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Video resolution for each device

iPhone 5/5S/6 720p
iPad 2/3/4 720p
iPhone 3GS/4/4S 640x480
Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5 640x480
Samsung Galaxy Note  640x480
Htc One/Htc One M8 640x480
Moto X/Moto G, 640x480
Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 4/Nexus 5/Nexus 7/Nexus 10 640x480
Nexus S 320x240 
Galaxy S 320x240 

Vidopop Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of network connection do I need in order to use Vidopop?
Vidopop works with any WiFi or 3G/4G/EDGE connection.

What’s the video resolution I get? 
Your video resolution depends on the speed of your phone and internet connection. For specific resolutions for each device click here.

How much storage does Vidopop use on my phone?
None! Vidopop stores videos in the cloud instead of on your phone, so it frees up the storage on your mobile device.

Is Vidopop free? Do I need to pay to use Vidopop?
Anyone can download Vidopop for free. Vidopop provides free storage for up to 10 GB of video. For storage over 10 GB of video, users can purchase 100 GB of video storage for a $5 monthly fee or 1 TB of video storage for $40 a month.

Does Vidopop support Android?
Yes, Vidopop supports Android and all other platforms such as iPhones, iPads & Desktop.

How do I delete a video? Click here to watch a video tutorial
Simply go into your video library, click the trashcan icon at the bottom of the video, confirm that you would like to delete the video, and it’s gone!

Can I delete a video after I send it to someone? Click here to watch a video tutorial
Yes. Simply click the video in the message and hit the trash icon.

How many videos can I save on Vidopop?
Save up to 10 GB of video for free. For more storage, you can purchase 100 GB of video storage for $5 a month or 1 TB of video storage for $40 a month.

Does it work for Android?
Yes. Vidopop works for Android phones and tablets that run Android 4.0 and above.

Can I use it on my iPad?
Yes! Vidopop can be used on an iPad and all other platforms such as iPhones, Android & Desktop.

I cannot find it on the App Store on my iPad. Why?
While there is no specific version of Vidopop for iPad, you can run Vidopop’s iPhone version on iPad without any problems. To find it in the App Store select “iPhone Only” when searching for Vidopop.

Can I record video when I don’t have any network connection?
Unfortunately, not yet.  A network connection is needed during recording. Your video is saved to the cloud under your private account as you record. We are working on a feature to make this possible. Stay tuned.

What does it mean to send a video live?
This means that the people you send your live video to will be viewing everything your camera records in real time.

How many people can see my video live? Is there a cap?
There is no cap. You can stream to as many people as you want.

How long can a video be? Any cap?
There is no cap. Videos can be as long as you need them to be.

When is my video uploaded to the cloud?
Immediately. It takes a matter of seconds.

Can I keep a copy of the video on my phone?
You can only keep a copy of the videos you take yourself. Videos that are sent to you are stored in the cloud and managed by their creators.

Can I download my video to my phone or computer?
You can download copies of videos you take on your phone. Go into your profile and enter video settings. Enable the Save to Camera Roll feature and all videos you take with Vidopop will be saved to the camera roll on your phone.

Is my video saved to other people’s phones or computers when they receive my video message?
No, the video is saved in the cloud and is available to others through their Vidopop accounts. You retain control over your sent video.

Can I send video to people who don’t have Vidopop?
Yes, people do not need the app to play the video.

Is my video private, or anyone can see it?
Videos are saved to your private cloud account. Only you can send the video to others.

How can I send my video to Facebook? Click here to watch a video tutorial
Go into your profile and enter share settings. Connect your Facebook account to the app. Once your account is connected you’re ready to share your videos. Hit the send icon below the video then select the Facebook icon, and you’re good to go!

Can I send my video to Twitter? Click here to watch a video tutorial
Yes! To send videos to Twitter you must go into your profile, enter share settings and connect your Twitter account. Once your account is connected you’re ready to share your videos. Hit the send icon below the video then select the Twitter icon, and you’re good to go!

Can I send video to Whatsapp? Click here to watch a video tutorial
Sending video to Whatsapp is easy. To send video to Whatsapp you need to have Whatsapp already installed on your phone. Simply go to the Vidopop video you want to send, click on the send icon at the bottom of the video, select Whatsapp then pick the contact you want to send it to. A link to your video will be embedded into your Whatsapp message. Recipients do not need Vidopop to play the video.

I know I can send my video to other messaging and social apps. But I don’t see the app I want show up in the contact list. How do I send my video to my app of choice?
Simply use the copy link feature to post your video to any app or sites.

Can I embed my video to my website? Click here to watch a video tutorial
Yes. To embed video into your website log onto, select your video and click on the embed button. Copy and paste the code at the bottom of your screen into your html processor. This will embed your video into your website.

Can I upload my video to YouTube?
Yes. To upload videos to YouTube go to your profile on the Vidopop App and enable the “save to camera roll” in video settings. This will save all videos that shoot on Vidopop in both your camera roll and the cloud. Once the video is saved to your camera roll you can upload your video from the camera roll to Youtube.

Can I make my video disappear after I send it?
You can delete a video after you send it to someone. However, you can’t make it disappear on its own. We are working on a feature to allow videos to disappear. Please stay tuned.

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