Monday, November 10, 2014

Selling Tips

Selling with Vidopop is fun and easy. Here are some advertising tips to take your mobile video messaging business to the top!

1. Share your video post often
If you're a frequent tweeter your Vidopop Tweet can get buried under retweets, status updates and other daily posts. Make sure to share your video link many times so it gets enough exposure to your fan base.

2. Send out a sample video
Sometimes your fans aren't quite sure what to expect from your video packages. Send out a sample video to give them a glimpse into why they should purchase your enthralling work of art.

3. Offer customized videos
Buyers appreciate customization. Offering your fan base the option of custom video performances, lessons or packages is an great way to get them to purchase from you instead of a competitor.

4. Add a picture
Nothing grabs more attention than a visually striking picture. Add a picture to your Vidopop post on twitter to entice buyers & draw their eyes to your link.

5. Learn all the different ways you can share
We make it easy to share posts across all your social media platforms.
  • Connect your Twitter, Facebook & Whatsapp to Vidopop and share your links. 
  • Email your links to contacts (to learn how click here). 
  • Text a link to a friend
  • Connect on the Vidopop app and send contacts video messages
  • Embed videos into your website
  • Copy & paste the link of your video and post it wherever your heart desires.

6. Sell live videos
Viewers love live content! They can even interact with you by messaging you while you're streaming. Offering a live stream instead of a recorded video can be even more enticing to buyers who want to view fresh content.

7. Engage your fans through free live video talk sessions
You can use our live video to hold free video question & answer sessions on your social media sites. Engaging with your fans and creating relationships with them makes them even more likely to want to buy your content.

8. Create video packages
Got a ton of content or a series of videos you'd like to share? You can create multiple videos and sell them in a single package. This is great if you have videos that build upon one another.

We already know you're a rock star, let's give the world a chance to learn that too.

Got questions or suggestions? Feel free to email us at

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to send out a video via email

Step 1 - Hit the record button

Step 2 -  Record your video. (Video isn't recording until the little cloud button shows on the top right). TO STOP RECORDING HIT THE RED BUTTON AGAIN.

Step 3 - To sent out via email, select the OTHER APPS button.
Step 4  - Select mail
Step 5 - Type in the address and hit send

Step 6 - Hit the back button. Your selected contact will appear at the top.
Step 7 - Hit Next

Step 8 - Set up payment!

Step 9 - Choose whether to create a new package or add to an existing package

Step 10 - Choose your price and hit save.

Step 11 - Now hit Send!

And its off to your viewers!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Step by Step Instructions: How to send a Live Stream to Social Media Apps (Twitter/Facebook)

Step 1 - Open the app & select SHARE IT LIVE

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6 - Now everything you record is being streamed to your recipients

Step by Step Instructions: Pay to View

How to create a package for sale

Step 1 - Go into your profile and select PAYMENT SETUP

Step 2 - Set up the bank account that will receive payment and hit SAVE


Step 3 - Go back to the main screen. HIT THE RED RECORD BUTTON TO RECORD.

 Step 4 - Record your video (Video isn't recording until the little cloud button shows on the top right). TO STOP RECORDING HIT THE RED BUTTON AGAIN.

  • "KEEP PRIVATE" which will save your video without sending


  • SELECT A CONTACT and press "NEXT" which will allow you to send the video to a contact or to an app. (Your selected contact will appear at the top)

Step 8 - (If you are sending the video to a viewer) CHOOSE
  • Whether you want viewers to PAY or whether its FREE (automatically set to free)


  • Whether you want recipients to be able to view it forever or have a limited amount of time to view the video. (i.e. limited time means - once they press play it will only be available to watch for a limited amount of time)

Step 9 - Set a price

Step 10 - Set a name and hit save

 Step 11 - The screen will show the price and name of the package. Then hit SEND

 And its sent!

Step 1 - Viewers receive a link to a video. A prompt will appear asking them to pay. 

Step 2 - To set up your payment account COPY & PASTE THE URL INTO YOUR BROWSER.

Step 3 - You will again be asked to pay. Press PAY.

Step 4 - You will be prompted to log in or sign up for an account

Step 5 - If you don't have an account please sign up

Step 6 - Once you set up your account OR sign in, you will be prompted to set up your payment account. 
Step 7 - Hit PAY NOW! And watch the video!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Citizen journalist uses live streaming video to protect himself during violent protest

How one man used live video to document police brutality and gained a million followers, coverage from the largest news network in the world & won his case

On Oct 17th, 2013 members of First Nation Tribes Elsipogtog & Mi’knoq converged on a highway in New Brunswick, Canada to protest Fracking in their area. A man named Edgar joined them, a citizen journalist and supporter of the First Nations anti fracking campaign. He carried with him a mobile phone.

He used the free video streaming app Vidopop to live stream the protest to viewers. Supporters at home were able to watch live as the peaceful protest descended into terrifying chaos.

Viewers joined him in watching Royal Canadian Mountain Police forces arrive, heavily armed with rubber bullets, tear gas, police dogs, mace and snipers, to show down with First Nation Tribes.

He documented the RCMP as they pointed sniper rifles, threatened to release police dogs and maced protestors for defying orders. It was a terrifying. Over the course of the day 40 people were arrested, women and elders of the First Nation were maced and six RCMP vehicles were torched.
Live Stream Protection
Edgar captured and live streamed hours of footage. When he ran to the side of the road where protestors weren’t allowed a police officer chased after him. Before any harm could be done Edgar told the police officer that he was filming the scene live. This live stream protected him from a policeman who was unwilling to be caught in a scuffle with a reporter on camera.

Go where traditional camera equipment can't

For years journalists have rushed to the scene of an event hoping to grab first dibs on a story. Thanks to this new technology reporters and citizen journalists can document a story as it unfolds.

Vidopop's mobile live stream & record technology allows anyone to become a citizen journalist. All one needs is a mobile phone and access to the internet to stream footage live. A mobile phone can go where traditional large camera equipment can’t. It allows for shooting film anywhere at the moment you need it. 

Major events like the Arab Spring, Occupy Wallstreet, the Protests in Ferguson and the Protest in New Brunswick showcase the need for video documentation of chaotic moments. Live video provides a way for viewers to watch the story unfold and see with their own eyes the narrative of the events.

The Power of Citizen Reporting
In the case of the New Brunswick Protest, Edgar’s live stream brought a huge focus on the event. After the anonymous news source & popular twitter news feed @YourAnonNews picked up the story, giant media outlets Vice & Al Jazeera took the footage and spread the word. Edgars footage was then picked up by Canada's CBC, CTV, Sun News & ATPN news networks. The footage gained national & international attention creating a huge outrage in response to the events.

Canadians were forced to wonder why a militarized police force armed with snipers would be sent to protect the rights of a Gas Corporation.  It sparked debate in Canada on the militarization of the police force and grew support against fracking in the area. 

Public support of the First Tribe's anti-fracking campaign gained so much momentum that in September 2014 New Brunswick's pro-fracking government officials were defeated in a bid for re-election.

And all this was made possible by a citizen with a mobile phone.

Journalists & citizens now have the power to document and broadcast important moments in history as they unfold. Arm yourself with your phone and Vidopop

Be the eyes of the people wherever you go. 

Get it here

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pay to View - Frequently Asked Questions

To read step by step instructions click here

What does “Require viewers to pay” mean?
Vidopop is free to use. But optionally, you can require viewers of your video to pay before they can watch your video. Viewers who do not pay cannot see those videos. We process the payment then share the revenue with you.

For owner of videos

How is the revenue shared between Vidopop and me?
You receive 65% of the revenue. We keep 35%.

Why is the revenue split this way?
You create the video and send it to viewers. We handle the tech, video hosting, storage & secure payment process.

How do I receive my share of revenue?
After your viewers pay, we will deposit your revenue to your account within 7 days.

How fast can I receive payment to my account?
Within a week.

How can I set up my account to receive my revenue?
Set up your account by going into your profile on the app. Select payment settings and add your account information.

What type of bank account or online payment account do you support to receive payment?
Our payment system works through Stripe; however, you sign up your payment account through our app. You will need a bank account with a routing number to receive payment.

Help! I live outside the US and can't set up my bank account.
Don't worry! We are about to support international bank accounts very soon. In the meantime we can process your payment via paypal. This means you would send out videos to viewers for payment as usual. But when they pay we manually pay your paypal account. All you have to do is email us at to let us know you want to set this up and provide us with your paypal email.

How can I set a price for my videos?
You set the price when you send a video to a buyer. Simply click the require viewers to pay button and set a price. You will be prompted to create a new packaged video or add it to an existing one. Select your desired option then hit send.

To view step by step instructions click here.

What is a paid package?
A paid package is when you sell a multiple videos (video series) for one price.

How can I add a video to a package?
When sending a paid video select the recipient of the video, click the require viewers to pay button and select set a price. You will be prompted to choose between creating a new package or adding it to an existing package. You can select the correct package, click ok and send.

Can I add a video to multiple paid packages?
Not at this time. You can add a video to only one paid package. You can however send out that specific paid package to as many buyers as you want.

Can I sell the same video/video package to multiple people?
Yes. You can sell the same video or video package to as many people as you want.

Can I use my PayPal account to receive payment?
Yes. However, right now you can only set up a bank account within the app. To set up a paypal account we can do it manually for you. To set up a paypal account please email us at We will be adding paypal setup within the app very soon. 

How secure is my banking info?
All of our payment is processed through Stripe, which is a secure payment processor.

Are my videos private?
The videos you create are saved to your private cloud account. Recipients can’t share videos you’ve sent them. You retain control of the videos you create.

Do recipients need the Vidopop app to watch paid videos?
Yes, recipients need the Vidopop all to watch paid videos. Recipients can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

What is limited time viewing?
This is a feature that allows you to set a limited amount of time for viewers to watch your video.

When does the clock start in a limited time view video?
The clock begins when the viewer presses play.

Can I make a video that requires payment and is available to watch for a limited time?
Yes, absolutely. Simply set both settings when you send out your video.

How do I make a video available for a limited amount of time?
Select the recipient of the video.  Click on the disappear button and set the amount of time a recipient has to watch the video.

For viewers who pay to see videos

How can I pay for a video to see it?
When someone sends you a paid video and you click on the video you will be prompted to provide payment.

How do I set up a payment account to pay for a video?
You will be prompted to provide payment when you click on a paid video. At the moment, you can only provide payment through signing into your Vidopop Account on a web browser. Stay tuned for in app purchase & viewing.

Where can I play the videos that I have paid for?
You can play videos by logging onto your Vidopop Account on a web browser on either your desktop or mobile phone. At the moment, we only support payment & viewing of paid videos this way. Stay tuned for in app purchase & viewing.

If you have a question we haven’t answered yet contact us at

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Using Video Messaging in Classrooms Improves Student Engagement - A Case Study in Dallas

A Case Study

Teachers have long sought the golden secret to keeping students engaged in their lessons.  So, in 2013, teachers from the Dallas Independent School District decided to see if creating a more interactive learning environment with education technology would improve student engagement and performance.

The Dallas Independent School District created a study that tested a ‘hybrid’ Algebra 2 classroom against a traditional Algebra 2 classroom. All students were required to attend school daily and received the same content and class instruction as their peers; however, in the Hybrid classroom students received 80% of their instruction using education technology and web tools.

A class lecture on your mobile device
Creating a hybrid classroom with video messaging

The hybrid Algebra 2 classroom utilized Vidopop’s video messaging and note system to create demonstrations and how to lessons. The interactive tools and mobile lectures allowed students to learn at their own pace and actively engage with their teacher and lessons. Their teachers found that when there was only one traditional lecture students often missed key concepts and strategies.

But thanks to Vidopop’s recorded lectures, students could easily review these lessons through their mobile phone and online as many times as they needed to gain mastery of the concept. Students could then send messages back to their teacher making it easier to go over key concepts and tailor learning pace to their individual needs.

Having recorded lessons also allowed students to make up missed assignments and missed lectures. Students had access to lessons wherever they could find an internet connection.
Learn at your own pace. Watch lectures as many times as you need to gain mastery.
While the Hybrid classroom started off at a disadvantage trailing the traditional classroom in performance by 1 percent, by the end of the semester, the Hybrid classroom had outperformed the traditional classroom by 19 percent.

Implementing Vidopop’s video text messaging as an interactive learning tool allowed the Texas Classroom to improve their test scores by a whole 20 percent.

Could we have found the golden secret to creating a more interactive classroom? We think that we have. Help us improve the way we communicate ideas with one another by using Vidopop, the quickest new video messaging technology.

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